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Project Description

Godiva Place, Coventry

Main Contractor: Galliford Try Building
Architect: Lewis & Hickey
Scope: Curtain Walling, Windows, Doors, Rainscreen Cladding

Perhaps one of the most challenging schemes technically that CASU have been involved with, this project, designed by Lewis & Hickey, comprises of five connected blocks, varying in height from four to nine storeys. The 770-bed student living facility is situated right next to the point where two of Coventry’s main roads into the city converge, which made for challenging acoustic requirements in terms of out to in noise and vertical flanking transmission.

The project consists of 4,500m2 of Technal MX52 Curtain Walling and 700nr FY65 Windows. Alongside these items, we also installed 500m2 of profiled cladding bands, 11,500 bespoke brackets for perforated panels and a suite of automatic entrances.

CASU were also tasked with replicating REGLIT following the demise of that business and we designed a Toggle (SG) Curtain Walling system with slim centres and diffused laminate glass in various colours to achieve a similar aesthetic.

The majority of the intense design work was taken up by the acoustic requirements on this scheme. With 4nr zones, ranging in requirement from 37db to 49db, and an exceptionally onerous vertical flanking requirement, CASU needed to work closely with Technal and our own Acoustician in order to develop a design and solution that was robust enough to achieve the stated performance.