Relationships are critical to our business. The foundation of our relationships with clients and supply chain alike rests on CASU being consistent in our approach and delivery. As such, we have laid out our best practice Ethos, which we expect every member of CASU’s team and Supply Partners to work by:

Get The Project Built.

We work in markets that require onerous L&ADs and consistently deliver schemes on time because above all other considerations we believe in getting the project finished. This means managing expectations, cash flow and programme both with the client and our supply chain.

Don’t Settle For ‘That Will Do’.

We believe that Quality can never be assumed. It must be carefully and clinically managed by talented individuals at all stages of our build process, from our initial bid, to hand over of a finished scheme. Quality needs to be at the heart of every decision made on the scheme.

Be Available.

Communication is key to a successful relationship and project. We have clear lines of hierarchy on site, in design and internally, all of whom are available to discuss the project over the phone or in writing. We have a continuous presence both on and off site for the scheme and clients can rest assured that there will always be Design and Admin staff connected with the project available to discuss the scheme alongside our Contracts Managers.


We set out our stall to achieve Delivery Partner status. CASU believe all schemes are best served by having a genuinely valued specialist subcontractor working alongside the Main Contractor. We strive to be non-combative and non-contractual, punctual, cost effective, responsible and above all, a valued and respected Partner.