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Structurally Bolted Assemblies

H13 Structurally Bolted Assemblies are rightly considered a ‘dark art’ in the Construction Industry. The systems are complex and require a high degree of both design and engineering proficiency.

CASU aim to make Structural Bolted or Bonded Glass more accessible and cost effective via careful product selection, detailed engineering and robust design.

We partner with the Saint-Gobain Litewall and Spider Glass systems to offer:

  • Structurally Bolted Facades (Glass / steel fins, inner pane captured point bolts, silicone joints)
  • Structurally Bonded Facades (Glass bonded to supports, no frames or bolts)
  • Glass Canopies
  • Glass Balustrades
  • Entrance Cubes

Our Design and Project Teams have collectively over 100 years experience delivering highly bespoke and challenging structural glass assemblies.

Early engagement is critical to the success of both the cost plan and execution of these schemes.

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