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Rainscreen Cladding & Full Envelope

CASU have successfully completed a number of ‘Full Envelope’ projects.

At times, the success of a scheme can hinge on the quality of the interface between the Curtain Walling / Windows and Rainscreen Cladding. There are often issues with the Air and Weather Lines, the sequence on site and access to the work face for multiple trades.

CASU have developed a service that negates many of these issues, by offering a full envelope solution that includes Rainscreen Cladding.

We have delivered projects that include Aluminium Rainscreen, Profiled Aluminium Rainscreen, GRC, Terrecotta, Ceramic Panels, Natural Stone and Fibre Cement Panels.

We aim to offer this service for projects that require a split of roughly 70% Curtain Walling and 30% Cladding.

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