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Project Description

Thorpe Park Plot 3175, Leeds

Main Contractor: GMI Construction
Architect: Carey Jones Chapman Tolche
Scope: Full Envelope including Curtain Walling, Stone Rainscreen Cladding, Parapet, Soffits, Plant Room, Column Casings, Revolving Door & Pass Doors.

Casu were appointed by GMI to offer a full envelope solution for this scheme, having partnered with GMI at the early stages of their 2 part tender process to create design details and cost plans.

This innovative project utilises Aluprof SR50N Curtain Walling to great effect, with Dekton Stone Rainscreen panels effectively ‘hung’ from bespoke reinforced aluminium spandrel panels.

This solution was designed to allow for fast weathering of the building and structure and to avoid sealing / interface issues on site between trades.

Indeed, following a detailed air seal test conducted independently, CASU’s envelope solution achieved better than 3.0 across the board.

The Dekton panels have exacting tolerances and quality standards for install, with carefully chamfered and mitred corners to line up both vertically and horizontally.

Plot 3175 is the model by which several more schemes on the development will be designed.